For Healthcare Payers

Advantages of eLiVe for motor vehicle healthcare payers:


  • Only one variant!

The eLiVe can be used universally in almost any vehicle; there are no vehicle-specific variants. On the one hand, this makes it possible to continue using the eLiVe when changing vehicles; on the other hand, the eLiVe can be used for side wheelchair loading as well as for standing trunk loading. In the case of progressive disease patterns, the wheelchair loading can be adapted without having to purchase a new loading system.

Example: Mr. Mustermann has been diagnosed with MS and will need a folding wheelchair for mobility at work in the future. Mr. Mustermann is able to stand safely and walk a few steps around the vehicle. The indicated solution here is to load the wheelchair standing upright on its side in a high-roof van (e.g. VW Caddy). The eLiVe is suitable for this purpose.


  • Suitable for almost all wheelchairs!

After two years, Mr. Mustermann needs an auxiliary drive on his wheelchair (e.g. e-Motion). Since the eLiVe is basically designed for a wheelchair weight of up to 38 kg, no new acquisition of a stronger charging system is necessary.


  • Flexible installation location!

Another year later, Mr. Mustermann’s situation worsens, he can no longer safely walk the path from the trunk to the driver’s door and needs a wheelchair loading system at the side sliding door of his vehicle. Again, no new purchase is necessary, the eLiVe can be moved from the trunk to the sliding door.


  • Freely programmable loading curve!

Some time later, Mr. Mustermann needs a new wheelchair with slightly different dimensions. Since the eLiVe is completely freely programmable, the loading curve can be adapted to the new wheelchair without much time or technical effort. No lengthy work on the loading system or the vehicle is required.


The eLiVe always adapts to the needs of the user. The eLiVe is therefore sustainable and economical, the changing factors such as wheelchair, vehicle and clinical picture do not require a premature new acquisition.